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Donna Gerson
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An upbeat, engaging speaker, Donna Gerson conveys important career information to law students and lawyers. She is a popular speaker at law schools throughout the U.S. Her award-winning column for Student Lawyer magazine (American Bar Association), along with her feature articles, demonstrates the scope of her knowledge. Donna researches the issues thoroughly, maintains contacts throughout the legal profession, and communicates the facts clearly.

Speaking Topics:
  • Small Firm Hiring Strategies
  • Job Search Strategies in Tough Economic Times
  • Networking Skills for Law Students
  • Networking Skills for Women
  • Business Etiquette





Donna Gerson  

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Fall 2013
Speaking Schedule

To schedule a date or to
plan for Fall 2013, contact Donna at donna@donnagerson.com

Observations for Finding Success When Starting Small
Donna was quoted in an article about small firms. Read the article.

The Modern Rules of Business Etiquette
was featured in the July 6, 2008 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Business Section.

How to Chart Your Career Path:
Get the Most Out of Your Career Services Office


Navigating Student Loan Debt
Take Stock of Your Options and Be a Savvy Borrower


The Pursuit of Happiness: How Law School Can Open New Doors
Gretchen Rubin, author of THE HAPPINESS PROJECT, speaks with Student Lawyer’s Donna Gerson about her career path from Supreme Court law clerk to best-selling author, tips for increasing your happiness in law school, and ways to navigate a difficult job market.

Office Etiquette, Working with Those More Senior
As you prepare for your summer job or your first job as a lawyer, it’s essential that you know the rules of business etiquette, especially for working with those senior to yourself.

Transforming Communities, One Building at a Time
Real estate law encompasses many different practice niches, from commercial development, zoning, landlord-tenant law, and beyond. This feature focused on a lawyer who advises an affordable housing non-profit organization.

Can flex-time really work? Finding Predictability in Flexibility
Deborah Epstein Henry, founder and president of Flex-Time Lawyers LLC®, speaks to Student Lawyer’s Donna Gerson about the competing demands placed on lawyers and how to find the right balance between work, family, and a personal life. The mother of three school-age children, Henry is working to change the way law firms do business.

Your Internet Image
A third-year law student applies for a federal clerkship and is invited to interview for the position. A Google search of the applicant’s name by the judge’s staff reveals a MySpace page posted by the law student that includes the following disclosure:

“Career” Prosecutor At Home in the Courtroom
Meet Peter Salib, a new assistant district attorney in Philadelphia. He tells Student Lawyer’s Donna Gerson about his career path, a typical workday, and how his Arabic language skills help him seek justice for crime victims

You can have a meaningful career without practicing law
Heather Lewis-Lechner, Shannon Sedgwick Davis, and thousands of others with law degrees have something in common—they have chosen not to practice law.

Out-of-town job searches
require extra strategizing
If you think it's difficult to find a job in the city or town where you live, imagine looking for one elsewhere in the country. Out-of-town job searches pose special challenges, but you can pull one off successfully with forethought and planning. Here are some ideas

Nail your next job
interview by preparing

A young man walks down a street in New York with a violin case under his arm. He asks an older gentleman, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” After eyeing the violin, the gentleman replies, “Practice.”